Tule Nõo valla noorte töömalevasse!

TULE NÕO VALLA NOORTE TÖÖMALEVASSENõo valla noorte töömalev toimub vahemikus 11.-17.august 2019. Noortele pakutakse heakorratöid valla objektidel, võimaluse korral ka kohalikes ettevõtetes.

Malevad on noorte seas populaarne võimalus tõsta oma konkurentsivõimet, leida uusi tutvusi ja laiendada oma sotsiaalsete oskuste ampluaad. Nende kaudu on võimalik noortel saada kohalikul tasandil praktiline töökogemus, tutvuda tööseadusandluse ja –ohutusega, osaleda tööhõivevaldkonnaga seotud karjääri- ja infoüritustel, külastada piirkondlikke ettevõtteid ja organisatsioone ning saada osa sisukatest ja mitmekesistest vaba aja tegevustest.

Nõo Vallavalitsus koostöös Kastre Vallavalitsusega on noorte töösuve korraldamiseks esitanud hanke Eesti Noorsootöö Keskusele, mille eesmärk on lisaks töökogemusele kohalikes ettevõtetes ja heakorratöödele omavalitsuse objektidel, avardada noorte silmaringi erinevate tööelus oluliste teadmiste ja oskustega.  

Registreerimiseks töömalevasse tuleb täita järgnev ankeet, mis on avatud kuni 21.juunini 2019. Pärast seda võetakse soovijatega ühendust ning antakse teada malevasse pääsemisest/mittepääsemisest. Vajadusel viiakse läbi tööintervjuu.

Lisainfo: noortekeskus@nvv.ee, +372 501 9605

NB! Töömalevasse on sel aastal kohti 10-le noorele.



Flags and Handcrafts

Yesterday, June 4th, it was Eesti lipu päev, the day when in Estonia it is celebrated the national flag, sinimustvalge, the tricolour blue-black-white. As in other celebrations about the nationality and indipendence of Estonia, it was an occasion to use the simbolism of the flag to talk more about the national and cultural identity of Estonia.

Municipality workers, children and youngsters from every grade, and common people, walk from every place of the village meeting up all together in the church garden to have all together a moment of discussion.

A collective event, organised by the local health promotion association with the partnership and help of all the social associations of the village, had planned to be set in the afternoon. The park between the music school and schoolhouse was full of info desks, activity and handworking opportunities, the sport associations showed their training sessions, and the music school outdoor stage managed a show with its young musicians, the choir, the dance group and the special guest of the Daniel Levi band.

The Noortekeskus had its own area where it was possible playing some board games, soccer table and doing clay handcrafts. It was a warm summer evening and all the people enjoyed the event a lot.


Thinking about a youth camp

During the spring break as outdoor activity the youth centre organised an hiking walk in the Elva forest. In the end of the day we arrived in the Elva sport and camp center. The structure is near the town of Elva, but also surrounding by the forest and there are some fields where to play different kind of sports and to do different activities. It is something common here in Estonia and in the northern countries but in my experience I have not seen so much places like that, and it is something really great in my own opinion.

Two weeks after the 7th grade students had participated in a seminar with some teachers of them staying two days in this camp. The noortekeskus was invited to manage the activities in the last morning of the seminar. The focus of the seminar was the relationships and the communication among all the members of the class and to solve any past or possible personal issue in the class. It was interesting to see some of the youngsters which I usually see only in the centre how they are in a kind-of school context, and also to know someone new. The feedback about the seminar was generally good and they enjoyed the days.

Last week with two girls we made a survey around the camp of Uue Peedu in the countryside of Tõrva in the Valga county because of considered as location for a teenagers summer camp planned in the beginning of July. Again I was surprised by the beauty of the place and the different activities would be possible to organise in the place. I have to start to think how to plan those camp days and which can be possible opportunities and activities to consider. It can be inspiring to think about an event like that, but there are so many things to consider and it is important to take as much serious as fun any aspect of the camp. I hope I would able to give my ideas and energy in this youth camp.


Koolivaheaeg noortekas!

Matkame, seikleme ja valmistame ise matkalõuna! Osalemine TASUTA!

24.APRILL TÖÖTOAD NOORTEKESKUSES: savi, Itaalia köök ja ping-pongi turniir
Egle Vahesalu juhendab põnevat keraamikatöötuba, näpud saavad saviseks!
Meie vabatahtlik Yuri tutvustab Itaalia köögikunsti, pärast sööme kõik koos õhtusööki!
Egle Haljassaar kutsub mängima: korraldame ping-pongi turniiri ja mängime lauamänge!
Osalus TASUTA!

25.APRILL FILMIPÄEV: Vaatame Itaalia filme!
La Vita é Bella (“Elu on ilus”)
Pane i Tulipani (“Leib ja Tulbid”)
Il Postino (“Postimees”)
Võta ise kaasa popcorni/filmi kõrvast näksimist.
Õhtu jätkub grilli- ja filmiööga! Registreerimine ja lapsevanema luba kindlasti vajalik!!!!

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Being new in Nõo

Two months passed since I arrived in Nõo for my volunteering experience. I decided to do it beacuse of I needed something more than my degree’s studies and doing a standard job in my country, Italy. I have had the intention to develop my skills and to work in different contexts and cultures. So this opportunity came as an answer to my wishes and choices.

Staying among the children and youngsters of the youth centre is every day a pleasure and a challenge! I am learning more from them than what I could teach them back. Something still is a daily discovery is estonian language. It happens I have a cup of tea or I sit on a couch while some youngsters around me talk each other, and I try to understand something but it is quietly impossible right now. I cannot understand the words, but I can get the topics and the feelings from them, joining in the conversations. I am studying by myself estonian language and grammar, but discoursive comprehension is a skill far away to get. The good fact is communication is not only a language matter, and beside the use of english, we can use expressions, jokes and gestures to talk each other.

How are these youngsters? They are similar to any other young person. I had supposed they would have been a bit different from children or teenagers in Italy, but I was wrong. They have the same issues and attitudes everyone has. Hanging with each of them is always a surprise. Strange interests, personal points of views, passions for things I did not imagine they could exist are few of the moments I’m sharing with them. For this I don’t feel so far away from home, and I don’t feel I am so far away from these youngsters and their lives.

I know I will enjoy the time and my work here, and I’m curious to discover always new things!